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"   Women think of all colors
except no color.
I said black has it all.
White too. Their beauty is absolute.
This is the perfect harmony.    "


- Coco Chanel

"    Look for your style so long ...

until it becomes recognizable.  "

- Marta Tymoszewicz

About me


I am educated in the fitness, body and mind industry and promoter of BODYART training for Poland and the world. Man is my passion, healing him in many areas through movement and clarity of mind. Every day we can meet in my studio and training studio

- Marta Tymoszewicz Atelier in Wrocław. 

I love challenges and I am not afraid to make my dreams come true. I know that I have the influence on my life . 

I make the decisions.

​ Apart from sport, I am also passionate about fashion and designing modern, comfortable clothes
for brave and self-confident women. I value clarity in my life, which is why I love black.
She is inspiring, mysterious and beautiful. Just like the women I design for.

You will choose something special for yourself for any occasion

- a walk around the city, an elegant dinner, an evening for two or a business trip.

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